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European Transformational Teacher's
Gathering (ETTG)


A 4-day intensive training for transformational speakers and teacher – and everyone who aspires to become one.

What if you could become the most inspiring speaker that your audience ever met? What if you could become a teacher who ignited deep everlasting transformation in their heart and life?

At IGNITE you will learn all the teaching secrets and wisdom that the greatest speakers and teachers knew about.

This training is for you who want to become a better speaker, teacher and leader. It’s time to unfold your highest possibility.

London, Oktober 10-13, 2019

Through teaching, exercises, reflections, demonstrations and meditations Steinar will guide you into your own infinite soul power and potential as a teacher. During these 4 days will you learn how to ignite and awaken the same power and potential in your own audience.

Topics and things you will learn at IGNITE:

Deep transformational training

  • Authentic power for teachers and speakers.
  • Speaking from the heart. Intuitive speaking & Vibrational speaking

  • How you initiate an energy field in the room

  • How grace can open for divine insights

  • Energywork with your audience

  • How to keep staying in your power when unforeseen things happen while speaking

  • How your words can manifest themselves as transformations in your audience

  • What to do when you have to teach in the middle of personal challenges

Advanced hands-on training 

  • How to craft an exceptional presentation

  • Transformational storytelling – with your stories

  • Secrets to make your presentations top-level presentations

  • Do’s and Don’ts when speaking. Important things that most teachers have never heard about

  • Exercises and routines for physical, mental and spiritual preparations before presentations and seminars.

  • How to use callbacks and other elements to give your audience the best experience

  • How you evolve to becoming a leader in your field

  • The new and incredible opportunities that have emerged right now for transformational speakers and teachers and how you can take advantage of them to help more people

  • How you can initiate and lead the next movement in your field

  • Loads of practical hands-on tips and ideas about speaking, online and offline teaching, course- and seminar creation.

…this and MUCH more during 4 intensive days!

What people say about IGNITE

Transformational training and teaching
Thursday, Friday and Saturday: 09:00 - 19:00  

Sunday 09:00 to 14:00.

ParkInn Radisson Heathrow

Address: Bath Rd, Heathrow, Sipson, West Drayton UB7 0DU, United Kingdom

Steinar Ditlefsen with world-class guest speakers.  

How to get get a ticket to IGNITE?

Ticket: Value 897 Euros
Steinar Ditlefsen's previous successful speaker seminars were 3-day events with 897 euro tickets.
IGNITE is a totally renewed and upgraded seminar. Now 4 days, with more and deeper transformational training.

Book your ticket now by email to hey@steinarditlefsen.com

For questions, more information, please don’t hesitate to contact Steinar Ditlefsen’s office directly by email: hey@steinarditlefsen.com


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